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Wall Push-Ups

Push-ups are great! Proper form and good movement mechanics will help with increasing upper body strength and improve posture. Poor form and movement mechanics could lead to wrist, elbow, and shoulder discomfort. Poor form can also enhance a forward head posture as well a rounding forward shoulder posture. Since gravity doesn’t play such a big role, wall push-ups are a great way to work on good form and movement mechanics.

Set up with hands at chest height on the wall, step your feet back so you can straighten your arms and lean the body forward putting a bit more weight into your hands. The further the feet are from the wall the greater the weight will be on the hands which will increase the challenge. Keep in mind the position of the head should be in a continues line with the neck.

Inhale as you bend your elbows, hold the position while keeping in mind;

  • Weight distribution on the medial side of the hand as even as possible with the lateral side of the hand as much possible.

  • Keep chest open with wide clavicles, while encouraging the scapulae to pull back and slightly toward each other.

  • Keep head in a continues line with the neck.

Start with a small number of repetitions with good form, awareness, and concentration, and slowly increase the number of repetitions. Consider two or three sets with different hand positions, such as palms of the hands parallel to each other about shoulder distance a part, narrow stance where the index finger and the thumb of one hand touch the index finger and the thumb of the other hand, wider than shoulder distance stance, shoulder distance with one hand higher than the other.

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