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We opened Maui Pilates Studio with the goal of helping our Maui community and visitors experience the benefit​s from the Pilates method. We ​have first hand experience of the benefits and positive impact​s Pilates has made in our own personal life. We are beyond happy and excited to share the ​Pilates method with our community improving quality of life. Here are a few testimonials from our happy clients. 


“I love it here! I started taking Pilates as cross training to running. It has helped my breathing and I have noticed a difference in my long runs. The studio is very clean and welcoming. The classes are small so there is a lot of individual attention. Or and his team are amazing, very knowledgeable, patient and encouraging.”

Melyssa S.


“Or is an outstanding instructor with lots of knowledge and insight. His attention to detail and awareness of every students needs makes working with him very productive. Through his corrections, encouragement and patience I have become stronger, feel better about myself and have a greater mind​-body connection. The state of the art studio is warm and welcoming and is equipped with everything necessary for an outstanding Pilates experience. I am a very satisfied client” Gordon G.


“Maui Pilates Studio is the best Pilates studio I have been to! Or is a great teacher - attentive, kind​, and very knowledgeable. He makes you feel welcome and a part of the studio’s community. No matter how you feeling when you walk in, it is a joy to attend class at Maui Pilates Studio.”

Dana S.


“Everyday I wake up and look forward to Pilates! You have created a supportive and safe place to try new things and learn how to use our bodies in new ways that have made my clothes loose and even made me taller. My new awareness of body position has made my long hours at the computer nearly without pain and I am feeling free and easy in my body. I understand the quality of teaching and individualized attention you provide. I am amazed when you can address all of our individual needs and restrictions without slowing down the class. I thank you for Maui Pilates Studio where you combine amazing teaching in a friendly community atmosphere - and I also thank you for being a voice in my head reminding me about my neck, shoulders, and spinal alignment.”

Brandis S.


“Joining the Maui Pilates Studio is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I feel a difference in my body – from getting out of bed in the morning to stretching to grab a pot in the kitchen at night, there is a difference in my awareness of my body and how I move. I feel stronger, more balanced, and more flexible. It has influenced my mind – every time I go to the studio I am able to let go of the day and just focus on my breathing and the movements. I can feel my mind relaxing and I end each session feeling refreshed and positive. It has made a difference to my spirit – I feel revived and hopeful. I have never previously been good at exercise and have never felt very coordinated or athletic; but the gentle, fun, and extremely knowledgeable instruction I am receiving at Maui Pilates Studio is helping me expand my comfort zone. The Maui Pilates Studio Ohana makes me feel welcomed and encouraged, every step of the way. I am grateful I have the opportunity to be a part of something so special.”

Maria Z.


“I am now (already) experiencing the results and the benefits that come with being consistent with learning my body and the Pilates philosophies. Everything I do has changed, like the way I walk, the way I breathe, and the way I live. I am now able to perform the more laborious tasks in my landscaping work that I would typically need to hire someone to perform. I simply love it. Oh, and my body is looking better too! What a refreshing side benefit."

Roger G.


“I Feel strong, tall and flexible. The Reformer is the best piece of equipment I have worked on to build core strength, increase flexibility and improve balance. It’s so versatile and fun ​to workout. The workout connects your mind with your body: love how you are able to isolates and focus on the muscle groups throughout the workout.”

Terri m.


“I love Pilates because it allows me to just breath and de-stress. It makes my body strong, flexible and pain free. I feel so fortunate to be able to do this for of work on my body with these amazing kind, caring and skilled instructors. And it make me a better golfer which makes my husband happy.”

Valkyrie S.


“I love the Pilates Reformer workouts. It helped ease me back in to exercising and feeling great. The ful​l body low impact workouts stretch and strengthen. It is really amazing how this workout is healing my lower back and hip pain.”

Kim M.


“Pilates has made me much more aware of my body and has helped me relive my back pain. 

I love the way I feel after class.”

Shawn C 


“I am in my late sixties and have never been one to exercise. I’ve tried gym memberships before and I didn’t care for them. They always seem to push me beyond what I could do and I was always told to push through the pain. As I grow older, I need to work on my balance. Falling is a fear of mine. So, during a physical therapy session, my therapist suggested Pilates. She recommended Or at Maui Pilates Studio and I decided to give it a try. I absolutely love it. I do one private session and one group session a week. Or is wonderful, I love his sense of humor. He really knows the body and how to work on areas of weakness. If I can’t physically do an exercise one way, he will change it up for me. If something hurts, Or immediately changes it. I love going to Maui Pilates Studio, it is always clean and is a calming place. I highly recommend Or at Maui Pilates Studio.”

Sharleen C.


“The personal attention I’ve been experiencing is priceless. Always willing to accommodate any requests given. I’ve never done Pilates before and based on my participation thus far I am seeing and feeling major improvements in strength, stamina, and posture! I love it and recommend to all!”

Donna F.


“I am very excited to be signing up for another year at Maui Pilates Studio. As my journey continues I see Pilates as an integral part of my wellness both physical & mental. I can see & feel changes in my body shape, flexibility & strength. It is also wonderful and motivating to see the changes in my fellow studio members. The glow is real!.”

Denise B.


"I first became interested in Maui Pilates Studio when I looked on their website and saw they offered a spine corrector class. I have suffered with back pain for a number of years and was looking for any kind of relief. I went to my first class and noticed a difference in my pain immediately. I then tried a reformer class and was hooked. I have been a member of the studio since February. I love the personal attention and help I have received. My back pain is gone. My balance is greatly improved, and my core is stronger. The classes are fun and I leave the studio knowing that I am doing something good for my body.”

Kerry G.


“My husband and I have just discovered Maui Pilates Stuidio and highly recommend it. It is immaculate and equipped with all sorts of equipment to perform all sorts of Pilates exercises. Or (the owner) is an excellent Pilates instructor. He is very knowledgeable about the human body and muscles and spinal structure. I have been doing Pilates about 15 years and I am learning new things from him every time I go. I have always had a "clunk" in my hip when doing certain exercises and he showed me how to adjust my knee slightly and now I do not have that sensation anymore. I think that he would be an outstanding teacher for those new to the benefits of Pilates or for seasoned veterans and other Pilates teachers. I believe that if you are a local or a visitor to Maui that you would enjoy Or and this new studio located in Kihei. They offer all sorts of classes on reformers and mat classes.”

Maureen D.​


“"I went into Maui Pilates Studio with a friend to simply try it out. After my third session I decided to commit to my goals, which Or supported me with, and get a membership. I am so glad I did. I'm particular with what exercises I take part in, as function and sustainability for long term are important to me. Or provides support, awareness and function of each movement. I am so happy I have found a safe, supportive and functional way to move my body and gain strength with a teacher who is patient, kind and attentive to each individual. It truly is as if I am receiving a private reformer class every time! Thank you Or! I feel stronger, taller and supported through my wellness journey. "

Megan R.


“I always look forward to my Pilates class, it’s calming. I consider it one hours’ time of freedom away from the real world where I focus on my mind and body. The biggest impact for me is my time away from class. Everything I do in life: I.e driving, brushing my teeth, standing in front of kitchen sink, watering plants … I am always, always in Pilates mode, naturally. I don’t have to think about it. It’s become a way of life.Mahalo for providing a beautiful studio that allows us to nurture and care for our whole beings.”

Tim B.


“I really enjoy going to Maui Pilates Studio. Or is an incredible instructor. He is knowledgeable and gives students personalized instruction during each class. This studio is very welcoming and has a community feel to it.”

Elyssa F.

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