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November 2023 Member of the month, Jeanene Sebstad!

Our member of the month is originally from Kaua'i and moved to Maui in 1985. She started her Pilates Journey in 2020 and has come such a long way, we are super proud of her and want to offer a huge congratulations to Jeanene Sebstad.


Jeanene is a regular on Tuesday’s 8:30 am Reformer class since 2020, she attends class with her girlfriends Glenna and Laurie. Once Jeanene shared with Or she was the tallest female in class when she graduated Kauai High. Or gave her the nickname which stuck for life ‘the tallest person who graduated Kauai High’. Jeanene looks back at the time she started Pilates and reflects: “I started Pilates during COVID which helped me not only physically but also mentally. It was so nice to get out and try something new and everyone was so friendly. I feel that my balance is much better and I'm definitely more sure footed since I've started Pilates.”


Jeanene also shared how her Pilates practice helps with her daily activities, “One of the best things I've noticed about myself since I've started Pilates is my awareness of my body on a daily basis from standing taller, pulling in my tummy and engaging my core to support my back. I watch my 2 little granddaughters most weekends so keeping active with Pilates really helps me keep up with them. Plus, I have my own business which can be physically taxing on my body but the awareness of my posture and my body as a whole really keeps me in top shape.”


Jeanene and her husband Brandan just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! They have a traditional pumpkin decoration contest which inspired our Maui Pilates Studio decoration contest. Jeanene is also a mother of 2 and Grandmother (Oma) of 1 grandson and 3 granddaughters. 


We mentioned earlier Jeanene’s friend Laurie for a good reason, “I must give a shout out to Laurie Terry who told me about Maui Pilates back in 2020, if you are unsure about joining, just try it out. Once you do you'll realize you'll have fun and it's about 1 hour long with a great instructor who truly cares about your health and safety.”

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