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We're delighted you're interested in trying Pilates. We think you'll be amazed at the positive impacts Pilates will have in your life​. To get your Pilates journey started​, we've put together an amazing Welcoming Special​ we think will support you as you experience the Magic of Pilates: 


One Private One-on-One ​lesson, and three small groups Pilates lessons​, all for $149.


The Private One-on-One lesson is designed to teach you the fundamental Pilates exercises​, principles, vocabulary, and familiarize you with the different Pilates Apparatus used in a Pilates lesson. You'll continue your progress on your Pilates journey in a small group class setting limited to up to 5 participants per class. During the three small group lessons​, you will ​continue to experience personal attention from our skillful teachers, the sense of community, ​and the welcoming and support from our Maui Pilates Studio Ohana members. 


You have the option to choose between small group Apparatus lessons, Mat lessons or a combination of both Apparatus and Mat. All lessons must be redeemed within 21 days from the date of your first Private One-on-One lesson.

Please call (808) 866-8109, or email us at to make your reservations.

You'll be glad you started your Pilates journey ​with us.

“The 1st lesson wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated. I really enjoyed working with Pamela in a small class. I think I enjoyed the spine corrector the most. I don’t have a lot of flexibility but I felt amazingly better after a good stretch. Afterward​s I had to adjust the mirror in my car because I was sitting taller. The following morning my back and neck wasn't as stiff as usual.“ 

Donna T.

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