Maui Pilates Studio offers Pilates and Meditation lessons. 


Some ​people prefer one-on-one or semi-private lessons​, while others prefer group lessons. One-on-one and semi-private lessons ​are ideal for a customized Pilates program specific to your needs, goals, and schedule. Exercise​s can be performed on our state of the art equipment including the Reformer, Trapeze Table, Ladder Barrel, ​Pilates Chairs, and Spine Corrector. 


Our group lessons are small and limited to up to 5 participants. This allow​s our teachers to pay personal attention and guide you through an effective and safe workout. We believe every one can benefit from Pilates practice. We also understand ​that every body is different and every individual learn​s different​ly. Our teaching style is supportive, encouraging, with compassion and Aloha. Our experience allow​s us to provide modification​s if necessary to maximize ​the benefits for each person from the Pilates method.


Pilates Apparatus lessons are performed on ​different apparatus designed by Mr. Pilates including the Reformer, the Tower, and Spine Corrector. 

The Reformer is an apparatus that uses springs to provide resistance training. The springs attach underneath the carriage. Tension is created by pushing or pulling while performing exercises. Lessons on the Reformer provides a well rounded full-body workout. Exercises are done in various positions including laying, sitting, kneeling, and standing.  

The Tower is an apparatus that ​also uses springs to provide resistance training. The springs vary in length and in strength attached to a vertical frame on one end and attaches to handles, loops, and bars on the other end. The tower provides a well rounded full-body workout providing exercises in different positions such as laying, sitting, kneeling and standing.  


The Spine Corrector is an apparatus with a unique curvature design that provides the practitioner with body weight resistance to correct or restore the spine's natural curve.

Pilates Mat lessons are done on a padded raised mat with handles attach to it on one end, and a strap attach to it on the opposite end. Mat exercises created by Mr. Pilates provide​s a complete full-body workout using your own body while performing exercises on the mat. Sometimes Mat lessons includes the use of the spine corrector and small props such as balls, ​the Magic Circle, and resistance band​s.

Pilates Foundation ​Lessons ~ designed to teach the fundamental principles of Pilates, vocabulary used in Pilates lesson​s, and how to safely use the ​the different Pilates apparatus. If you are new to Pilates we highly recommend start​ing with the Pilates Foundation lesson.


CORE-dio ​Lessons ~ designed to provide a full-body Pilates workout with a hint of cardiovascular stamina strengthening, CORE-dio is a Reformer based Pilates lesson utilizing the Jump Board. The jump board is a padded board that allows for rebounding of the board with the support of the reformer carriage. Using the Jump Board elevate​s the heart rate through a safe and low impact Pilates workout. The benefits from rebounding on the Jump Board helps to improve bone density throughout the skeletal system and boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This class is intended for the experienced Pilates practitioner.


Mixed Equipment ​Lessons ~ ​designed as a well rounded circuit lesson, this class consists of three segment​s with each segment incorporating Pilates exercises on different apparatus, tying all three segments to a complete workout.


Meditation Lessons ~ designed to increase your mindfulness and mind-body connection. Meditation is offers to show us how to live within the reality that we have. It’s not about escaping from the reality that we live in. During a typical meditation class we start with conscious breathing exercises as a way to prime the mind and body. We then do a guided practice focusing on mindfulness and being in the present moment through breath, physical sensations and sounds. 

All Pilates lessons are 55 minutes long, Meditation lessons are 45 minutes long. Advanced registration is highly recommended, as our small group Pilates lessons are limited to up to 5 participants per class.

As we recover from  the covid-19 pandemic our services are by appointment only, per Maui County regulations.

Our goal is to enrich your life through the Pilates Method. 

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