Because we understand individuals learn differently, Maui Pilates Studio offers both private and group lessons. Some prefer the personalized one on one relationship with the teacher while others prefer group lessons. Choose the setting that best meets your needs.

Our Private lessons are ideal to customize a personal exercise program specific to your needs and goals. Our private room is fully equipped with state of the art Pilates equipment, such as the Reformer, Trapeze Table, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector,  and Wunda and High Chairs.

Our group classes include Mat, Spine Corrector, Reformer and Tower lessons. 

Mat lessons are a series of exercises created by Mr. Pilates, designed to provide a complete full body workout using your own body and often includes the use of small props. Classes are limited to 8 students.

Apparatus lessons are done on apparatus designed by Mr. Pilates and include the Reformer, the Tower and Spine Corrector.

The Reformer will provide a complete full body workout using spring resistance that attach under a moving carriage. Our reformer lessons follow all the Pilates principals designed to provide a well rounded full body workout. Exercises are done in various positions including laying, sitting, kneeling and standing ​to promote​ an increase in strength and flexibility. Exercises on the Reformer contribute to better posture and balance​, and help​s to improve coordination.

The Tower is a Pilates apparatus that use​ springs varying in length and in strength attached to handles, loops, and bars on one end and attached to a vertical tower frame on the other end to provide a full body workout. Our Tower Hour Core and Stretch lessons follow all of the Pilates principal​s to provide a well rounded whole body workout with ​an emphasis on strengthening the core and providing exercises that stretch the body in different positions such as laying, sitting, kneeling and standing.

The Spine Corrector is an apparatus with a unique design that provides the practitioner with a complete full body workout to correct or restore the spine's natural curve. 

Why not enjoy it all?
A combination lesson includes 20 minutes on each apparatus and might include Mat exercises. 

Strengthen your core and increase your cardiovascular stamina in this fun jump board reformer class. We will use the jump board to elevate the heart rate through a safe and low impact Pilates workout. This class will provide you with a full body workout using all of the Pilates principals. The benefits from rebounding on the jump board helps to improve bone density throughout the skeletal system and boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

Our mission is to enrich people's lives through the Pilates Method

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