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Partnered Pilates Part 2

Our partnered Pilates part 2 take a trusting relationship to the next level !

We all have been in a place where our partner asked us to do something we weren’t exactly thrilled about in the beginning, but loved it after we “got our feet wet”. Let’s be honest hanging up side down can be frightening. My husband was pretty hesitant but somehow I talked him into it, needless to say he LOVED IT ! The physical effort was secondary next to the mental focused mind aspect of this exercise. Spiritually we both felt invigorated and empowered. We shared an experience where we depended on each other and that got us closer.

The hanging pull ups on the trapeze table requires full body integration, to the naked eye it might look like you are just bending and straightening your arms if you are the partner hanging upside down. But in reality you are activating the entire back chin of the body : hamstring, gluts, Lats and rhomboids

The partner laying down on the table is receiving and supporting the weight of partner hanging up. The choreography is pretty similar to foot work on the trapeze table, but rather than having the effort during the pushing up phase, the effort is during the bending the of knees phase.

We offer a Valentine’s Day special for our members who want to share their Pilates experience with their valentine on Valentine’s Day at Maui Pilates Studio.

PS we are working on a partnered Pilates workshop, please let us know if you are interested or would like to learn more.

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Watching the exercises always makes me want to go try them. Thanks

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