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Partnered Pilates Part 1

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

I must admit that everytime I see one of those partnered workout videos on facebook I think to myself ,“"That looks like a lot of fun."

In my own relationship, the time my husband and I actually spend together is very limited. We both work full time jobs. I usually leave the house while my husband is still asleep and I usually am asleep when he gets home. We enjoy exercising and maintaining an active lifestyle but most of the time each of us used to do it separately. After we moved to Maui we began hiking on our beautiful island together, which combines physical effort, new adventures, and most importantly, quality time spent together. At some point we used to run together, which for me required a lot of motivation and support from my husband. The satisfaction I felt after completing a run, and the feeling of my improved stamina and cardiovascular fitness was something I could honestly say that if it wasn’t for my husband I probably wouldn’t have committed to continue to better myself.

I have wanted to explore the aspect of partnered pilates exercise for a while now, but have found that as a society we care for our classmates but we are timid when physical touch is involved.  Unless we have an immediate family relationship with our exercise partner, physical contact sometimes may be a little awkward.

So this Valentine’s Day season was a perfect excuse to explore partnered pilates exercises with my very own valentine. My husband and I both experienced and enjoyed partnered pilates exercises a lot and had some good laughs. Additionally, we helped and motivated each other. I loved hearing him say, "Oh, that feels really good on my back”. In turn, he loved helping me with something he knows I am passionate about. We both received great physical and spiritual stimulation.

This week we are exploring mat exercises. Next week we will explore some trapeze table exercise. Stay tuned...

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