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October 2021 Member of the Month

Our October 2021 Member of the Month began her Pilates journey with Maui Pilates Studio nearly two years ago. We would like to congratulate Yvonne Nitta Chochlakis!

Yvonne believes consistency is important. Being true to her beliefs, Yvonne is a regular at the 9:45 ​am Apparatus classes ​on Mondays and Thursdays. Before Yvonne enters the studio​, she ​can be found standing in Pilates position and centering her core while gaz​ing out at ​our majestic Haleakala. Before ​the start of class she stand​s in Pilates position once again ​while center​ing her core​, but this time she gazes out to the ocean view from the studio. ​Yvonne's favorite Reformer ​in the studio is the one in front of the ‘LOVE’ sign.

Yvonne is happy to report that since starting her Pilates journey the condition of her back ​is improving. “I am so happy that I no longer experience constant lower back pain! Practicing Pilates ​has eliminated visits to ​the Chiropractor. I feel so much stronger​, and it makes my daily activities ​much more enjoyable. I'm more aware of my posture and find myself doing Pilates movements daily. I​'m looking forward to another year at Maui Pilates Studio”.

Yvonne told us she started her Pilates journey to embrace her kupuna years ​with the goal of staying strong while embracing her mind, body​, and “mana” to IMUA! Yvonne​'s motivation to stay healthy comes from her mom. “My mom always encouraged me to stay healthy and eat well. She was an inspiration with her grace, walking and climbing stairs daily! (She had a lot of steps at her home​, inside and outside!)”. Yvonne​'s mother recently celebrated ​her 92​nd ​birthday!

Pilates is not the only activity Yvonne does for her health and well-being. Yvonne is an avid lap swimmer at our Kihei Aquatic pool. Additionally, Yvonne tells us, “At least twice a week I'll ride my bike in my neighborhood, and afterwards I do a series of Mat exercises​, thanks to private classes I took with Or last year.” Recently, she had the chance to compliment Or​, telling him, “Your constant reminders, encouragement (to everyone in class), demonstrations, and explanation​s of the exercises are so helpful!​"

Yvonne last words to our readers… Maui Pilates Studio No Ka Oi!!

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