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Neck Stretch

Many of us tend to hold tension in our neck and shoulders. To relieve any tension you may have, while keeping the neck mobile, we recommend scheduling a little time two to three days a week to stretch the neck. Stretching could be a nice relaxing way to end the day. When stretching the neck, depress the scapula for a more effective stretch by sliding your shoulders down away from your ears. Stand tall, then reach your right hand behind the lower back to grab the left hand just above the wrist. Gently pull your left hand down to encourage scapula depression. Tilt the head towards the right shoulder. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds. To increase the stretch add a gentle rotation by turning the head to look down at the right shoulder and return to look forward, repeat the head rotation three to five times. We recommend making slow movements with a range of motion that feels good to you. Repeat the stretch sequence to the other side. Stretch each side of your neck twice.

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