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May 2023 Member of the Month, Brandy Scarnati

Our May 2022 Member of the Month moved to Maui 6 months ago. Shortly after arriving on Maui she came to a studio tour and was so impressed she decided to enroll in our Platinum Membership, attending classes three times a week! We want to offer a big Ho’omaika’i ‘ana (congratulations) to Brandy Scarnati! Brandy is on a new path, formerly working for 28 years in an administrative faculty position at a Community College until retiring. She now enjoys this wonderful island and all the beauty it has to offer, happy to call it her new home. Brandy loves to stay active and exercise, and Pilates is another way to keep her body moving. She is not new to Pilates, previously practicing Pilates in Reno, Nevada for about 4 years before moving to Maui. Since starting her Pilates Journey she notices that she has a positive mindset, and an increase in her strength and flexibility. Brandy recognizes that her core got stronger from doing Pilates, but she is very honest about how she feels about doing abdominal exercises; “I really hate doing ab exercises so unless I'm at Pilates, ab exercises probably will not happen on my own. Brandy sees another benefit of doing Pilates, “You can do Pilates without having to wear shoes, so that's always a plus!” Can you tell that this wahine loves the island life?! Brandy shared with us a thought we want to especially encourage and support! “I always thought being a Pilates Instructor would be fun, so maybe I will start taking some teacher training classes and see where that leads.” We're here for you, Brandy!

Brandy has a final shoutout, “Thank you Maui Pilates Studio for making me feel welcomed and providing a great Pilates experience.” Mahalo, Brandy. Your presence enriches our lives.

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