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May 2021 Maui Pilates Studio Member of the Month, Valkyrie Smith!

Our May 2021 Maui Pilates Studio Member of the Month is a hard-working wife and mother of three​. She loves plants, candles, aquarium fish and making a really nice home for her family. We are proud to introduce you to Valkyrie Smith!

Looking for a form of structured exercise that she could stick to, Valkyrie became inspired when she noticed how fit and in shape her former broker, Barbara Noel (and April 2021 Maui Pilates Studio Member of the Month) was. ​Valkyrie decided to try Pilates, and she was hooked. Since March of 2019​,Valkyrie has been practicing Pilates with Maui Pilates Studio three times a week.

We asked her to describe some ​of the positive changes she's noticed since practicing Pilates on a consistent basis. ​Here's what she told us:

“I feel stronger and more flexible. ​Pilates made me realize that my body was able to​ move differently than ​how my body had gotten in the habit of moving. ​One of the added benefits from Pilates I enjoy ​are the relationships I​'ve formed with other Ohana members. It’s great to see my Pilates community, and have fun working out together”. Her favorite classes are Pilates Apparatus and Meditation.

​When asked if she had any advice for people who are considering starting Pilates, Valkyrie ​had some great insight: “Try it. I think ​most people are intimidated by the machines and​/or the experienced classmates when starting out, but it ​shouldn't be like that at all. The exercise should be about you and your body”. This is so true, Valkyrie, and we are absolutely one hundred precent going to quote you on that​.

Valkyrie has strong family values. She said ​that not ​very many people know that she learned how to walk at 9 months while her teenage parents lived in a tent​,homeless in Honolulu. Fast forward as an adult, Valkyrie is a property manager​, and feels lucky to be in this position so she can help her tenants find the perfect home. She credit​s her kids and husband for motivating her to wake up every morning, ​and choos​ing to live ​a healthy life​. ​She's grateful for her family, but confesses, “Living healthy is mostly for me and my own sanity.”

Valkyrie is such an inspiration for all of us at the studio. We wanted to find out who inspires her? “My nanny Sophie and Poppy Marty really taught me what I needed to live in the world​, ​while my husband’s kindness and love helps me every day. He never lets me quit.”

We want to congratulate you Valkyrie. If our readers aren't inspired yet, try watching this short video of Valkyrie in Pilates class.

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