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Maui Pilates Studio's February 2022 Member of the Month, Nicole Sanchez!

Six months ago our February ​Maui Pilates Studio Member of the Month had no idea what Pilates ​was. The only ​thing she had heard about ​Pilates was that celebrities ​were doing it. ​Fast forward to present day, we find our February Member of the Month taking three to four Pilates classes a week​, and absolutely loving it. ​Allow us to introduce our Maui Pilates Studio's February 2022 Member of the Month, Nicole Sanchez!

Nicole works with another Maui Pilates Ohana Member​, Laurie T.​, ​in the wedding industry. One day Nicole noticed Laurie had a new pep in her step. "After working a few hours in the sun with her, ​I would feel tired and weak​, while Laurie maintained her strong and amazing ​appearance. I ​had overheard someone complimenting her that she looked great and ​then asked ​Laurie what she had been doing ​to look so good. She told them that she had taken up Pilates and how awesome it was. I immediately thought that I needed to find out more about what she was doing so I asked her about it. That led me to Maui Pilates Studio! I still had no idea what Pilates was​ but was eager to learn. I am so thankful that I gave it a try.”

​"After six months of consistently attending Pilates classes I've noticed many positive changes. I notice that I feel much stronger and have way better posture. I’m always telling myself to draw my shoulder blades towards each other and to stack my tuna cans (a verbal cue Or often use​s in class to encourage ​the lengthening ​of the lower back)​. Haha. And now​, when I’m out working on events​, I don’t feel weak and tired anymore. There's such an amazing difference ​between now and six months ago!​"

Nicole says her favorite exercise is Short ​Spine ​Massage on the Reformer. “When I first started​ practicing Pilates​, I could​'nt do Short Spine Massage no matter how hard I tried and it seemed impossible that I would ever be able to do it." When Nicole first learned Short Spine Massage, we reminded her that it’s ​all part of the ​Pilates journey. The present day more practiced Nicole says, “No​, I haven’t mastered it yet, but I love practicing it and feel like I will hopefully be able to get it right soon. I think I’m halfway there, which is amazing to me :)” Honestly Nicole, if you ask us, we think you got Short Spine Massage down. You have such control of your body and the Reformer. It's just so beautiful to watch you grow through your Pilates journey. Nicole will admit ​that she loves a good challenge.

If you are considering starting Pilates, Nicole has great advice for you: “Don’t be afraid to try something new!! I recently asked a friend to join me at Pilates and she declined because she said she was scared, and I totally get it. It was scary for me at first too, but I think the key is to find a studio where you feel comfortable and where the instructor takes a real interest in making sure that you get all the instruction you need to thrive at whatever level you’re at. I love that about Maui Pilates Studio!”

Besides Pilates​, Nicole love​s to hike and walk 3 miles with her dogs a few times per week. ”Pugs are not usually known for being very athletic or slim​, but mine are! Many people have commented on how fit my pugs are! :) My dogs inspire me! They're little angels​​, always so happy​. They motivate me to be happy and healthy and to help them live the best lives that they possibly can.”

Beside​s being ​our February 2022 Member of the Month​, we want to ​recognize and celebrate Nicole for two major ​feats in her present life and future life. ​The first one demonstrates how generous she is as a living Kidney donor! ​The second one testifies to her ability to making dream​s come true! “The number one thing on my bucket list is to visit the Lofoton Islands in Norway and to see the Northern Lights. And guess what​? I’m finally going to fulfill that dream at the end of this year for my birthday!!”

Nicole​, we are so proud of your commitment to your Pilates practice and how far it ​has brought you. You are an inspirations for us, your teachers just as much as your Maui Pilates Studio Ohana Member ​classmates.Congratulations!

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