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March 2022 Maui Pilates Studio Member of the Month, Donna Tarsitano!

Our March 2022 Maui Pilates Studio Member of the Month​ first discovered Pilates when she saw​ an ad for Pilates classes in the midwest back in 1999! We’ve been ​lucky to have her as a Maui Pilates Studio member ​for over two years now​. We would like to introduce you to and celebrate Donna Tarsitano!

Donna started her Pilates journey because she realized she need​ed to make a change in her lifestyle choices. “As a young woman I was very lean​. I ate as much as I wanted and I never exercised. I thought nothing of it until middle age​ caught up to me and made me realize ​that I needed to make some changes.​ I decided to try Pilates and after the first week​, I was hooked. I studied ​Pilates at ​a studio called Pilates of the Midwest​, from 1999 until it was sold to a “big box” type of gym a few years later.” Donna f​ound ​additional inspiration and motivation when her son went through a major transformation. “Back in 2016​, he weighed 317 pounds. He now weighs 185 pounds, ​exercises daily, eats a mostly vegan diet with some fish, and at 49 years old​, he’s in the best shape of his life!”

Donna​’s profession is an x-ray technician. ​She confesses, “Not many people know how much I enjoy working. I never planned to be an x-ray tech​, or move to Maui​, but I’m ​more than happy with these choices.”

Since starting her Pilates journey with Maui Pilates Studio​, Donna​ has gone down 2 sizes, improved the range of motions in both of her knees​, and increased confidence and self esteem! “I’m not as strong as I used to be but I'm still able to achieve my fitness goals.”

Donna reflects back on her Pilates journey, “It ​seems it take​s months​, or ​even years to learn how to isolate your bones and muscles to perform the exercises correctly. Even then, some days will be more challenging than others. To paraphrase Joseph Pilates, you will feel better before you look better. I really appreciate that Or, Kelly, and Mailea keep the workouts fresh with different variations​. It doesn’t matter ​what one’s experience or physical condition ​is, this team of outstanding instructors know how to modify each exercise ​for maximum benefit and safety for each individual."​

We asked Donna what the future looks like for her. “I can’t say what the future looks like because I believe life happens and plans can change, but I hope to continue to be a healthy, active senior for many years to come. ​I’m working on my bucket list and number one ​on the list is to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC with my son and grandkids. Number two on the list is to play consistently good golf.”

Donna​, we're so proud of you and how far you​‘ve come with your Pilates journey. We know you will continue to grow and surpass you​r fitness and wellness goals. Congratulations!

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