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March 2021 Member of the Month, Dr. Richard Walker

Dr. Richard Walker is the ​proud father of Rich and Alexis, a ​loving husband to Dr. Linda Tetor, a​n excellent Chiropractor, and he just happen​s to be Maui Pilates Studio​'s March 2021 Member of the Month.

Our Member of the Month moved to Maui from Colorado 4 years ago​,​ opening and operating ‘Ultimate Health Chiropractic’ in Kihei. ​Even though Maui has a lot to offer, there's one element Dr. Richard pines for. “While Maui is a great place to live​, I hope to live somewhere in the mountains in the future”.

Dr. Richard started ​practicing Pilates because he felt his body had become imbalanced​ from years of work-related postural positions. “I had a right sided low back pain that wouldn’t respond to a lot of different therapies and approaches I tried”. He ​decided to try Pilates and in March of 2019 he joined Maui Pilates Studio. Here's what Dr. Richard has to say since his Pilates journey began: “I feel like I have better posture and definitely the lower back pain has been reduced”. We asked Dr. Richard if he has any advice for anyone interested in starting Pilates​. Here's what he had to say: “Like many things​, results are obtained by being consistent. Be consistent with Pilates and don’t forget to stretch”. Beside​s coming regularly to Pilates once a week, he keeps active by walking the family dog a few times a day. ​His other workouts consist of working with high resistance exercise Bands ​a few times a week. Dr. Richard ​also enjoys hiking, swim​ming​, and bik​ing.

The perfect weekend for Dr. Richard​ involves hiking in the Makawao Forest​ Reserve or snorkeling on the west side. We asked Dr. Richard what motivates him to get up each morning and choose to live a healthy life? He said: “I want to keep in shape and be as mobile as possible when I'm older​ so that I can enjoy life”.

Coincidentally, there's a few Maui Pilates Studio Ohana members ​that are also Dr. Richard​'s patients​. One of these patients shared with us that knowing that Dr. Richard ​practices Pilates at the Studio made her ​want to join Maui Pilates Studio. She told us​, "If my chiropractor is doing Pilates for his health and well-being​, then it must be good for me as well’. We want to sign off by saying​, 'Dr. Richard​,you are ​an inspiration to us​, and ​we thank you for being here for our Maui community and ​for our Maui Pilates Studio Ohana​'.

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