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June 2022 Member of the Month, Marilyn Sherwood!

Our June 2022 Member of the Month looks for the good and ​the positive​ in people​, and ​in life. She is dedicated to her Pilates practice and take​s classes four times a week! We want to offer a big Ho’omaika’i ‘ana (congratulations)​ and celebrate Marilyn Sherwood! Marilyn came to us after a friend recommended our studio with heaps of enthusiastic praises. ​Since coming to the studio one year ago, Marilyn​'s Pilates journey with us has made quite a difference in her body and her mental health. “First ​of all, I noticed how my clothes fit me better. Then​, I ​started notic​ing how my muscles were getting stronger​ and how my balance was improving. Pilates has not only helped me physically, but also mentally through the closeness and warmth in the Maui Pilates Studio community of like-minded positive people!” “I found exercises that I really enjoy​ ​in Pilates, ​and in the ​near future I hope to attend Pilates ​classes five to six days a week because it makes me feel so good.” Marilyn doesn’t stop there to support her health and well-being​. “I try to eat well balanced meals, relax by going to the beach, read a lot, get ​lots of fresh air, and laugh as much as possible. I want to stay ​as healthy ​as I can so I can enjoy life​ as much as possible.” Marilyn love​s her family and find​s inspiration in her two daughters​. “My daughters have such wonderful qualities​ and accept and work through all the challenges life presents, not forgetting the positive aspects of happy optimism.” We asked Marilyn if she can share with our readers something few people know about her. “I love my teaching profession. Not many people know that I have never been out of school since I was enrolled in kindergarten.”

E Marilyn, Ho’omaika’i ‘ana! We are so proud of you!

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