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June 2021Member of the month, David Absher

It is our great pleasure to introduce to you David Absher, ourMauiPilatesStudioJune 2021 Member of the Month! Let us tell you about David's Pilates journey. It begins when David decides to take advantage of a special deal to try Pilates ​when he finds a Groupon ​Coupon for a Pilates at a Studio near where he ​used to live. ​Ever since then, Pilates has been an important part of his life. Several years prior to finding Pilates, David ​used to practice yoga daily, but since practicing Pilates in a consistent manor he​'s noticed ​an improvement in his strength, stamina, balance, and wait for it … poise!

​During his free time, David loves walking on the beach. ​He also loves taking Reformer class, ​but his favorite ​class is the Jump Board ​class. David​'s loving wife, Pamela Absher​, always joins David in Pilates class​es. He describes Pamela as the most inspiring person in his life.

We recently took a video of David in class to inspire other men to get started withPilates. Take a look!

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