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July 2023 Member of the Month, Nati Damiani!

Our July 2023 Member of the Month is what you might call a traveler, having had the experience of exploring the world for the past ten years. She was born and raised in Argentina but considers her place on this planet to be in her beloved France! We want to welcome and offer a big Ho’omaika’i ‘ana (congratulations) to Nati Damiani!

You might be wondering how Nati ended up on Maui. Here's what Nati had to say, “Maui presented herself in my life as another destination in my travels. I came to this island with the intention of spending only two months and now I find myself living here and without plans to move because I am passionate about the ocean as well as the mountain, which I am allowed to enjoy on Maui .”

How did Nati find Pilates, you might ask. She does not consider herself to be an athlete and faced the realization that she has a hard time with physical activity in general. At the young age of 34, Nati started thinking about how she wanted to be physically when she eventually reached her "old years". She turned to the older generation she considered physically healthy, and asked what they did to stay fit and healthy, and in movement. “They all always gave me the same two answers; Yoga or Pilates, and that’s why I started Pilates.

Pilates has changed many things in me since I started. My body became stronger and more flexible. Mentally, Pilates provides a feeling of constant satisfaction when overcoming the challenges I am faced with. Pilates has improved my quality of life and I feel that I am healing physically as well as emotionally. I find myself recommending Pilates to everyone around the world. Pilates has made me a fervent believer that everyone should practice Pilates at least once in their life because I think it’s a very complete and incredibly healing activity.”

Nati you are a true testament that the Pilates method helps improve the quality of your health and well-being on every aspect, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You are such an inspiration, and we are honored to welcome you to our Maui Pilates Studio Ohana.

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