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July 2021 Member of the Month, Lynn Sauler!

It is our great pleasure to introduce to you Maui Pilates Studio's July 2021 ​Member of the Month, Lynn Sauler!

Lynn learned about Maui Pilates Studio and the great benefits of Pilates from her sister Rhonda. Who has been practicing Pilates with us since April 2019. Lynn became a Maui Pilates Studio Ohana Member in June 2019. She started with weekly private classes one-on-one with Or. When the studio reopened after the COVID-19 closure she switched to small group lessons. Lynn noticed since starting a consistent Pilates practice that she’s having far fewer chiropractic adjustments, better balance, increased strength and muscle tone. She adds, “It's a vital component in my wellness regime”.

We asked Lynn, "What is your biggest victory since you started your Pilates practice?" Lynn’s reply, “In the beginning, I wouldn't even try some of the exercises. Now, I'm so surprised when my body is strong enough to do these same exercises.” We had to ask the contrary “What is the toughest obstacle you overcome with your Pilates practice?” Her honest reply, “To keep coming back in the beginning, when it was harder.”

Lynn has been living on Maui for the better part of 30 years. She’s been in sales most of her career. However, currently Lynn is finishing up her masters degree in marriage and family therapy and looks forward to a new career as a therapist. Did you know she used to do stand up comedy?! If you have taken a class along side Lynn you probably know, she always has a funny and somewhat sassy comeback to Or. Lynn says, ”I love to laugh and make people laugh. Any activity that allows me to connect with loved ones is fun.” Lynn finishes with a shoutout to her sister Rhonda, “Having family here is a major blessing.”

Congratulations Lynn we are so proud of you!

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