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January 2023 Member of the Month, Andrew Bulkley

We want to offer a big Ho’omaika’i ‘ana (congratulations) to Andrew Bulkley, our January 2023 Member of the Month! Andrew started his Pilates Journey over two years ago. “By following Pilates practice I now have major changes in how I hold myself, how I move, how I take control of my own body. My formerly painfully stiff left shoulder now is painless as I sleep or use, and it is level with my right shoulder. My lower back had a kink in it from an earlier accident that years of chiropractic care could not fix, Pilates practice fixed it. My neck is straighter, my back is stronger. My feet no longer feel like clunky clubbed feet, but like happy feet. My abdomen is solid, a new sensation for me.”

“At the end of 2020 I decided to focus on activities that would enhance my health. Even though I had been doing some yoga for a year or so, I felt I wasn't making as much progress as I could. A friend who attends yoga classes with me and attends Maui Pilates Studio recommended to try Pilates, and it has proven to be a good choice.”

If you are considering starting your Pilates Journey, Andrew has a great advice: “Expect to notice a difference in how you feel right away, but do not expect fast miracles for everything. The work is gradual, building on the four factors: strength, core, flexibility, and balance.”

Andrew retired from teaching Japanese at Seabury Hall, He sings with Maui Madrigales, and he likes theater, acting, and of course his wife Arine, “My wife Arine influences me most on all aspects of health, food, water, and then some, like trees.”

“Other than Pilates, I do yoga, try to eat sensibly, sing with my musical group, live simply, feed birds, laugh. I plan to laugh a lot with my wife and with all whom I know.”

“I appreciate that my body feels more flexible more capable of every task I do. I still have plenty left to learn and I will keep busy and continue with Pilates.”

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