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January 2022 Member of the Month, Alta Murch

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to Alta Murch, ​Maui Pilates Studio's January 2022 Member of the Month!

Alta​'s good friend Sallie had been ​practicing Pilates at Maui Pilates Studio ​for two years and thought Pilates might help Alta with her lower back and neck pain. Well indeed it has my lower back and neck pain. Alta’s Pilates journey starts, a little over a year ago. Alta admits: “I wasn't sold on Pilates at first but after my first three classes I was convinced Pilates was for me.”

Since starting her Pilates journey Alta has taken over 100 classes! Alta’s favorite classes are Pilates ​Apparatus classes: Friday​'s 8:30 ​am class​, ​and Wednesday's class for Kupuna. ​Alta has a huge heart. If you need help with anything you can count on Alta! She ​is kind and caring to her classmates and will volunteer in a heartbeat. ​Additionally, Alta is friendly and welcoming to any newcomer to the studio.

Outside of the studio Alta enjoy spending time with her dogs, “I have a 14-month-old Labrador and a 3-year-old golden lab that keep​s me very active. Pilates helps keep me in shape to care for two very active dogs.”

If you are considering starting your Pilates journey Alta suggest, “If you're not sure if Pilates would work for you, give it a try. You'll love the outcome.”

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