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January 2021 Member of the Month- Tim!

It is our pleasure to introduce to you Maui Pilates Studio's January 2021 Member of the Month….

Tim Kennedy! ​If you're wondering, Tim Kennedy came to Hawaii in 1967. He is a graduate of Chaminade College.He ​enlisted in the Navy where he was stationed at Pearl Harbor. Tim has been practicing Pilates at Maui Pilates Studio for a year and a half, dedicating 2-3 days a week coming into the studio. ​Tim gives credit to his wife Sherry who motivate​s him to live a healthy lifestyle. She is also the one who encouraged him to start ​taking Pilates ​lessons. We're proud of Tim's commitment to a regular fitness program and we thank Sherry for sending Tim to us. We asked Tim to tell us some ​of the positive changes he's noticed from practicing Pilates regularly. Here's what he had to say: “I’ve lost weight and have more energy! Additionally, my golf swing ​has improved!”. Those are great positive changes​. We are so happy for Tim. We ​also asked Tim ​to tell us what he like​s about Pilates? “I like it because I have a Personal Trainer”. ​Now, for those of you who don't know, Tim attends group lessons in the studio. Tim's perspective in group lessons makes us very happy because we strive to provide individual attention to each Maui Pilates Studio member, even in group lessons. Tim has some good advice for anyone consider​ing Pilates ​as a fitness program: ​"No matter how old you are, Pilates is a great program to keep you in shape​, as long as you don’t want to look like Arnold!” We asked Tim if he would share something personal with us, something most people don't know about him. He wanted to share that he has two sisters, one of Japanese descent, and one of Vietnamese descent. Tim has been working for Costco for 30 years and​ has never called in sick. ​When we hear about perfect attendance records like this, we want to ask Tim, "What's your secret?" His answer was plain and simple: “A lot of Hops and Barley!” On St. Patrick​'s day you can find Tim celebrating on the Wailea Old Blue ​Golf​ Course and the Mulligans restaurant bar afterwards!

Tim's attendance record is so inspiring, it prompted us to ask him who the most inspiring person in his life is. “That ​recognition has to be shared with three people. My father for his strength and honor. He ​proudly fought in three wars: WWII, Korea​, and Vietnam. My mother for her compassion and sympathy. And ​finally my wife Sherry​, for being independent and having determination!​" Congratulations​ Tim!

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