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February 2021 Member of the Month, Janet Rineer

It is our great pleasure to introduce to you Maui Pilates Studio's February 2021 ​Member of the Month, Janet Rineer!

Janet's Kumu Hula named her Piʻikea​, which translates to “Rise, grow up, become light as in the new day”. Janet says: "This definitely describes who I am since moving to Maui 14 years ago! Every day that I wake up on Maui is a gift."

Janet has been practicing Pilates on and off for the last 10 years. Initially, Janet was looking for a fitness routine to benefit her entire body​, an activity that would stretch​ muscles, strengthen bones, ​and improve balance and focus. Janet ​found Pilates and discovered that Pilates ​would meet all her fitness requirements and more.

For the past 2 years ​Janet has consistently attended classes at Maui Pilates Studio four times a week, observing her spine becoming more flexible​ ​and her problematic joints ​no longer ​being an issue. Pilates has helped her to be aware of her daily movements to minimize aches ​and mentions that her posture and balance have never been better.

​Janet isn't the kind of person to settle for just the awesome benefits Pilates has to offer. Besides Pilates ​and Hula, ​Janet also enjoy​s Scuba Diving and Pickleball to keep fit. ​"Scuba Diving has given my husband and I the opportunity to travel and experience amazing underwater eco systems while living in and learning about the local communities we visit.​"

Our Member of the Month is grateful for life and learning. Janet says her most treasured gift from Maui has been dancing Hula for 13 years. "I have been blessed to be included in a sacred Hawaiian tradition and to share my love of Hula with others​, here in Hawaiʻi and Japan”. ​At one of Maui Pilates Studio's Member Exclusive Events in 2019 we were fortunate to have Pi'ikea grace us​, as she shared her love of Hula​ with us in the studio.

​Speaking from experience, Janet offers advice to anyone considering Pilates classes, "Iʻll tell you what I told myself​: Yes​, you do have time in your schedule. No​, you don't need to know how to do the ​exercises, ​because you will be taught. No​, you don't need to keep up with everyone else, you can go at your own pace, because it isn't a contest.​" By listening to her own words, Janet is the shining example of her own words, adding, "Pilates will keep your body young and functioning so you can continue an active life for years to come."

​Looking toward the future, Janet optimistically concludes, "Maui has many things to offer and I plan to enjoy them for many more years with the help of Or and Maui Pilates Studio!”

​Thank you, Janet. Every day you wake up on Maui is a gift to Hawai'i nei. We enjoy having you in the studio and are convinced you will be enjoying Maui for many more years. We look forward to continuing our Pilates journey with you!

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