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April 2022 Member of the Month, Tricia Mooney!

Our April 2022 Member of the Month ​keeps herself active ​by practicing yoga daily, swim​ming 10 - 12 miles a week, riding bike, surf​ing, paddl​ing, ​and walk​ing the beach with her dog Midas. On top of all that, she attends one Apparatus class and one Mat class every week. We’d like to congratulate and celebrate Tricia Mooney! To support her healthy lifestyle Tricia sleep​s 8 hours a night, eat​s a plant based ​diet, drink​s a gallon or more of water daily, ​and receive​s monthly massages. To support her physical lifestyle choices, she also stay​s connected to family & friends in real time, nurture​s a monogamous relationship, gaze​s at the night sky, sing​s out loud, drinks an ice-cold Coors Light sparingly, smile​s at everyone​, and practice​s gratitude. ​One would think Tricia's health and wellbeing choices keeps her busy enough, but Tricia ​is ​also a mother of 3 sons, a number one fan and groupie ​of U2 , a loyal Ohio State university fan, a Heart Centered being, a consistent cheerleader, a focused listener, and Jay's lady. An abdominal surgery in January 2021 motivated Tricia to start her Pilates practice. "My surgery highlighted my decreasing core strength due to being a cardio junkie! Since starting my Pilates journey I am more aware of the connection between balanced core strength and overall movement. I’ve always had good posture but now I'm more confident standing tall, lengthened and engaged. The pre-existing abdominal pain and restrictions in my range of motion have greatly improved”. ​Tricia suggests, “If you are thinking about starting your Pilates journey, believe that you are worth the investment of time & money. Invest in your health NOW so you don't invest in medicines and rehabilitation.” Tricia recognized her Pilates journey came with some challenges​. “The most challenging aspect ​of Pilates for me is lifting my shoulder blades off the mat”. The biggest achievement in Tricia Pilates journey is how improved her 'Rolling like a Ball’ is these days. “I am able to stay compact, rounded​, and without my toes touching down.” We asked Tricia what’s her future looks like, and she had the best answer ever! “The future's so bright​. I wear shades ALL the time :)” Tricia takes her inspiration from her mom​, Kathy. “My mother was WAY ahead of the game. At 83 she still swims 4 days a week, practices yoga 3 days a week, walks every day for at least 30 minutes, makes meals from scratch, eats a salad daily, sleeps 8 - 10 hours a day, limits her TV consumption, practices her faith, loves fiercely and laughs constantly.” We think it's fair to say, the apple doesn’t fall far from tree. ​On motivation and philosophy, “I'm pretty self-motivated​, and I've always lived this way. But I also want to live healthy and well for all the days I have with my sons. And stay fit for Jay. If you know, you know.” Tricia also has a great quote from George Bernard Shaw to share​: "We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing”. She adds “Give Pilates a try. It will definitely help you play, move, age and experience life with a renewed vitality!”

Oh​, by the way if you ever plan a trip to Capri, Italy, Tricia has one last tip she for you: "I swam into the Blue Grotto instead of taking a rowboat, and then I was stung by jellyfish. There is a reason why you take a rowboat.”

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